Turkey, Icmeler - You Next Holiday Destination

 "Our plane landed at Dalaman airport," a small queue at passport control, "What is your beautiful voucher" and heart-rending creating positive bus guide-animator - so for us, began a visit to Marmaris. From an economic point of view, Turkey's resort area is easier to go through a travel agency. Tour package have not bought for six years, decided to refresh old memories.
From the airport to the coast to get somewhere hour. The roads in Turkey are made on the conscience, in spite of the difficult terrain. There is much more serpentine than on the Anatolian coast, and a vertical drop of several hundred meters along the way, are not uncommon.

In general, Marmaris - is a resort consisting of several villages on the Mediterranean coast. The largest and busiest - is Marmaris. Next is Icmeler - the town is smaller and more private. Turunc - quite small and most remote communities. Large range of accommodation and everyone can find a night life with the possibility of "light" until the morning, and complete privacy with different variations of the "vegetable" rest. All three towns are located in the bay, and mountain ridges that go down to the water, are the boundaries separating one city from another. The mountains are covered with dense pine forests. A mixture of sea air and air of pine forest - this is what you can feel at the exit of the airport, if not immediately reach for the long-awaited cigarette. The air here has healing properties and allows easy transfer of heat. Of the three towns, for our stay was chosen Icmeler, from the point of view of the balance between wilderness and bustle of Marmaris Turunç. Describe the hotel is not going to, then everything is standard and quite decent. I can only say that the staff is absolutely all the same: Do you come here a self-feed, or purchased "all inclusive" in the travel agency, therefore, a small tip dramatically improve the quality of service.

So settled, they threw their bags and went. Come on course to the sea. The town is small, to any point of the center is a leisurely walk for 10-15 minutes. Tile roofs, cobblestone streets, well-kept houses in dense greenery - this is the general impression from the first acquaintance with Icmeler. Seasonal cafe is decorated with taste and finesse felt that people like their business and it's not to a quick "cut down" money as long as there are customers. Even many outdoor cats look well fed and produce the most favorable impression.

The beach here is sandy, clean, mostly paid. There is a small piece of free sun loungers where you can lie on the sand and the money for it will not ask. However, with the sea a little problem here. Water is clear, though, but stable cold throughout the bay. In the hottest months, the water temperature here does not rise above 24 degrees, and it is the only serious drawback of the resort.
Along the beach is a path of paving stones with a dedicated bandwidth for cyclists. If you go on this path, the six kilometers to the beach of Marmaris. The transition itself is not tiresome, especially since you can always relax in one of the numerous coastal cafes, or get into the sea, if it becomes too hot. The track here is such a kind of center of local life. You go in the morning, afternoon and evening course in the light of lanterns.

During one of these walks, we were caught and photographed the turtle. Turtle there are found in the forests and are fairly common. Our sample making his way through the bushes along the path, and was calculated by the rustling of dry grass. Tortoise seems a little stunned by to give her attention, and passersby immediately gathered small international company wanting to discuss this significant event in the life of the resort.

The main stream of tourists come here from the countries of western Europe, Russian-speakers from the total number is still less than 10%, but the language barrier is not in principle. In Russian they say here very many local and English is the standard if you suddenly do not know how to speak in Turkish.

Time goes slowly here and sooner or later the question arises, what to do apart from lying on the beach and abundant consumption of the diet of the hotel restaurant? Opportunities for interesting spending time here weight. For two weeks, we selected several times inMarmaris with a view to take a walk and do some shopping, went to the offered excursions to Ephesus, Pamukkale, Dalyan and the island of Cleopatra. By the way, if prices hotel guides you seem too equine, then the same can be found on the street (which we did) at a large discount. Numerous horror stories about the horrors that occurred with the miser who bought round the corner - it is nothing more than brainwashing vparivaniya the purpose of "quality" tourism products.

View historical ruins, which is rich in local land can do on their own. Simply raid nearby Turunc and passed a couple of kilometers up the path to the cliff, where the remains of the ancient city of Amos . If you really will not want to go, you can stroll through the old village or even go to the mountains , it is not difficult, and there, too, there is something to look at. In the mountains, there are way too few excursions with it an emphasis on trekking.About any "jeep safari", horseback riding and visit the islands of the Aegean Sea, Turkish nights and Turkish baths, too, should not be forgotten. Here in this excess.

Here we definitely enjoyed it. Guests can relax very well. As evident "seals", and those who absolutely can not sit still, be sure to find for themselves on their liking.

PS Few specifics:
§  Dolmush (bus) Icmeler - Marmaris. There are frequent. Go 15 minutes. The cost of $ 1.5 per person.
§  Hamam (bath) from $ 10 per person. In the bath, too, have a place to spend money, depending on the set of services provided.
§  The average size of a tip - 1 $ -3 $ for the staff and how many do not mind to drivers on long trips.
§  Raki (local anisette) 0.5 liters. - $ 24
§  Cherry - $ 3 per kg.
§  Grab a snack in the café (barbecue, greens, juice or beer) - $ 10
§  There are several places where excursions are trading compatriots in the street. Find easy. If you have any questions on "and where better ...?", Then you can ask for including them.
§  Credit cards are accepted everywhere. ATMs are also found no problem. If the card Savings Bank, it is better to shoot in DenizBank ATMs - commission is the smallest.

5 Beautiful Ghats in Varanasi You Need to Visit to Soak in The Culture

The ghats (river banks) form an integral part of the culture and tourism of the holy city of Banaras or Varanasi. There are numerous ghats in the city which are used for religious and commercial purposes. From paying homage to the deceased, to capturing some magnificent views of the city, and retrospecting your life whilst enjoying a quiet time, you can find people doing all sort of things in here. If you're planning a trip to Varanasi, then do check for train 14006 running status, which passes through the city more frequently. Mentioned here are some of the famous and fascinating ghats you can visit in Varanasi.

Assi Ghat - Situated at the southern part of the city, Assi Ghat is perhaps the most renowned amongst other ghats. A favourite destination for the foreign tourists who are on their trip to explore the real face of India, it is located at the confluence of rivers Ganga and Assi. The popularity of Assi Ghat is backed by a mythological event, where Goddess Durga was involved in a melee with Asuras. After slaying the Asuras, her sword fell at the particular spot, thus, giving birth to the river Assi. Apart from visiting the temples surrounding ghat, you can go for a boat ride in the river. If you're interested in exploring this spot, check for train 14006 running status, which passes through Varanasi frequently.

Darbhanga Ghat - Located right between the ghats of Rana Mahal and Dashashwamedh, the Darbhanga Ghat is another popular one. It was named after the royal families of Darbhanga who visited the spot to perform Ganga aarti and other pujas. The royal families also constructed beautiful temples, platforms and small palaces at the ghat, to enjoy the rituals and other activities with ease. Today, the ghat serves as an open cremation ground.

Dasaswamedh Ghat - Perhaps one of the oldest and fascinating of all the ghats, the Dasaswamedh Ghat's history dates back to thousands of years. If you've got knowledge about Indian history, the Dasaswamedh Yagya (sacrifice) involved the killing of ten horses in impressing the Gods by the kings. This ghat served as the spot for those sacrifices, hence the name.

Hanuman Ghat - Located near Juna Akhara, one of the famous landmarks in Varanasi, the Hanuman Ghat is another fascinating place to go. Earlier called the Rameshwaram Ghat, as the locals believe that it was Lord Rama himself who built this ghat for his loyal devotee Hanuman. As you might be knowing that Lord Hanuman, is known for unmatched strength; this ghat is utilised by traditional wrestlers to train and organise local bouts.

Man Mandir Ghat - An ancient ghat belonging to the 16th century, it was named after Maharaj Maan Singh of Ajmer, under whose supervision it was constructed. Earlier, it was known as the Someshwar Ghat, and an observatory was also built by the Maharaj's family in the mid 18th century. There are some really fascinating temples surrounding the ghat, including one of the nine famous Jyotirlingas in Man Mandir Ghat - India, which you should take a look at.

How to Pack for 7 Days in a 45 linear inch Carry-On

In today's world of travel mishaps, more and more luggage is getting lost or misplaced for days. The airline's are posting extremely short connection times so they can be listed first on the availability schedule when the Travel Consultant or consumer is checking flight options. Since the majority of travelers will select their flight schedule based on cost, they sacrifice the needed time you and your luggage need to make the connection. Now factor in weather delays and you have either a missed connection or you make the flight but your luggage does not.

I am about to leave on a 15 day Princess Mediterranean Cruise. I will be in a range of temperatures from upper 80's to the mid 40's I have packed 7 days worth of clothes and accessories in ONLY a 45 linear inch ( 9" x14" x22") carry-on and my famous backpack. I use my backpack (reasonable size backpack, you do not want the airline saying it is too large) for my jewelry (I travel with nice fun jewelry, this way I do not stress if it comes up missing), camera, travel documents, MEDICATION (always travel with your medication in your carry-on, never pack it) stuff to read on the plane, snacks (airline food is discussing), small makeup bag (you do not have to pack all of your makeup), small calculator, my 311 bag (3 oz per bottle, 1 quart size zip lock bag, 1 bag per person) and my emergency zip lock with several pairs of underwear, 1 convertible bra, 1 white t-shirt, 1 bathing suit and several scarfs.

 Do not carry a purse! I pack a small travel purse in my backpack, this way the airline cannot say you are over the carry-on limit. Most airlines allow you to have a carry-on and a purse or briefcase. In the 45 linear inch carry-on (yes it has wheels) I have the following;

  1. 1 pair of blue jeans, 1 pair of black dress pants, 1 pair of black travelers pants (wear pants for the plane ride)
  2. 8 pairs of underwear, 1 black bra, 1 workout bra
  3. 1 pair of yoga pants
  4. 1 pair of tennis shoes (broken in and avoid white)
  5. 1 pair of Lexees interchangeable shoes/sandals with 2 flexee tops (makes 3 different styles)
  6. or better yet, 1 pair of Switch Flops (change out the designer straps, you have have tons of straps)
  7. (Switch Flops found at Creekside Gifts in Winchester,
  8. 1 bathing suit, 1 sarong, 1 pair of light flip flops
  9. 1 pair of lightweight P.J.'s
  10. 2 mock turtle neck lightweight shirts, 2 light weight fleece tops, 2 evening tops to go with black pants
  11. (above for cooler climates, for warmer climates exchange for tops for the season you are traveling)
  12. 1 white top (nice dress tee shirts), several scarfs to change your outfit look
  13. 1 mini umbrella, 1 lightweight rain jacket (wear the rain jacket for travel and layer for warmth)
  14. 4 magnetic necklaces that can be bracelets, necklaces and even hair bands
  15. 1 rolled up duffel bag with TSA travel lock for souvenirs purchased on your trip
  16. 1 curling iron (most cruises and hotels provide hair dryers)

Now you ask...how do you get all that in one 45 linear inch carry-on? I call it "the Sausage Roll Method". Roll your clothes up like a sausage roll and place in 1 gallon zip lock bags. Once you have the bag filled, press down the seal and squeeze out the air to create a sealed and airtight condensed bag. You do not need those fancy packing bags, just use zip lock 1 gallon or 2 gallon bags. They work great.

What to Wear on the Plane; A nice pair of pants and layer your tops (you can get another shirt in your wardrobe) and wear your coat or use the lightweight rain jacket (it will give you more room in your 45 linear inch carry-on) and your best walking shoes. I find my Dansko's are the best shoes to explore Europe in. They are heavy so I wear them on my flight so I do not have to pack them and add weight to my 45 linear inch carry-on.

Now you are thinking, okay she has 7 days covered but she said she was going on a 15 day trip. Yes I will be packing a checked piece of luggage. But if my luggage does not make the connection in Frankfurt, I will have enough clothes to repeat for another week. I always tell my leisure travelers, you will not see these people again so who cares if you have to wear something twice. When traveling it is easy to purchase tee shirts and clothes, you can always purchase souvenirs to wear. The key is to pack LIGHT WEIGHT clothes.  Leave the bulky sweaters at home.

View All The Wildlife Species with Tadoba Jungle Safari

The Tadoba National Park is one of the oldest national park in India established in 1955. Tadoba National Park is situated in the district of Chandrapur, North East Maharashtra. Tadoba National Park has the focal point that is mixed with the deciduous forest with the beautiful rolling hills. This National Park has the wide area of 623 sq. kms that consist of beautiful 2 forest called Tadoba and Andhari range. The thick clad hills of the beautiful forest forms the North as well as Western boundaries for the Tiger Reserve. The National park has Tigers and many other wild animals giving its fame with many number of visitors get quite an adventure.

The Southwest of the huge lakes acts as the buffer for the Park Forest with the extensive farmland in the right near to Irai Lake. Tadoba Tiger Forest protects the Tigers as well as many different variety of Indian wildlife. There are more than 50 Tigers present in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve and this place is also the home for many rare Indian wildlife such as Leopards, Gaur, Wild Dogs, Sloth Bears, Civet, Hyenas, Jungle cats and many more. View all these beautiful and majestic animals through the Tadoba Jungle Safari as it is convenient to get a clear picture of these animals. You can reach the nearest Tadoba National Park from the Nagpur airport.

Jeep Safari and Jungle Safari Facilities:
Tadoba National Park is the best place to view the Indian deer such as Cheetal, Nilgai, Sambar, Barking Deer and many more. Beautiful Tadoba Lake also contains Marsh Crocodile with variety of aquatic birdlife as well as Raptors. The knowledgeable and English speaking naturalist takes Tadoba Jungle Safari so that it would be much convenient for you to get more information about the animals. Jeep Safari is completely safe as the expert guides you and you will get a chance to view many number of animals. Jeep Safari is arranged in the best timing where the people could see many animals.

Tadoba National Park is open for jungle safari from 1st October to 30th November 06 A.M to 08 A.M in the morning and 2:30 P.M to 04 P.M in Evening. And there is some half an hour changes in the summer vacation.

Remember when you are going to Tadoba National Park or Tiger reserve you must respect of all the rule of this jungle that are defined by the government. If you break any rule then it might cost you not less then 500/- that may extend to 2500/-.

The transfer facilities will be arranged from and to the Railway Station as well as Hotel. The Transportation arrangement would be made to any part of the country through Ac, Non Ac Car or Coach. Accommodation could also be arranged at the hotel convenient for the people so it is easier to get the first class luxurious facilities. Appropriate assistance will be provided on the arrival and departure of guest. 

Ranthambore National Park - A Place Of Tiger Sighting

Ranthambore National Park
RanthamboreNational Park is situated in Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan State. This is one of the finest places to view animals, especially as they are used to being stared at here. It’s a very popular government project tiger reserved. We provide tour package for the tourist to visiting Ranthambore National Park. We assure you about the service we provide during the tour/trip, because of we are approved by Ministry of Tourism (Govt. of India) and also noted for our attention to details when we help you to make a tailor made travel or holiday plans for your wildlife tour.

Places To See Near Ranthambore National Park: -
Naukhla Gate- Ranthambore Forte

There are many interesting place to see Near Ranthambore national park is regarded as the most suitable place for wildlife photography in the world. Here you can capture the tiger in its various moods and moments. Besides the Ranthambore Park, there are places like the Ranthambore fort (one of its kind in the entire state of Rajasthan), Jogi Mahal (the wonderful forest guesthouse) and the various species of flora and fauna, which are also worth a look.

Ranthambore Jeep Safari
Tiger Sighting at Ranthambore National Park

We committed to give all the facility during the trip with Ranthamborejeepsafari.com We offer many wildlife tour packages for the tourist to visit the most famous and wildlife national park of India as; Ranthambore national parks is one of the best wildlife National Park in North India. Choose Ranthambore Jeep Safari Tour and Packages and feel the wildlife.

Ranthambore Tour Package
Place for Tiger Sighting

We provide wildlife tour package for Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambore Tiger Safari is one of the best tour packages for Ranthambore National Park for its Tiger sighting and jeep safari. During this tour package we provide all convenient facilities for tourist. Good time for tiger sighting and Game Drives in Ranthambore and to visit Ranthambore National Park is in November to May.  Click to book online customized Ranthambore Tour packages. 

Enjoy The Lion Safari Etawah With The Professional Guide

More number of people is anticipating to visit the Etawah Wildlife Safari Park with the most wide area 150 hectares. The State government is taking many steps for improving the enclosure of Lion Safari Etawah. This safari will be unique for providing you the most classic adventurous features and you will be amazed viewing the lions in this beautiful spots. 

The safari lies in the best place where all the animals remain caged so that the tourist can move in their vehicle freely. People will be moving along with the caged path so that they can clearly view all the animals in the wonderful Etawah Lion Safari. Viewing the lions and other animals moving freely in Jungle will be more interesting and you will be amazed with the spontaneous type of entertainment. The Etawah Lion Safari are developed for providing the alternate home for the Asiatic lions that is found only in the Gir Forests, Gujrat. The Etawah Wildlife Safari Park also feature the Lion Breeding Centre.

Safe Journey:
When moving in North of the Etawah, the Kachaura Ghat along Yamuna is quite famous for birds so you can find a bird sanctuary. Viewing all kinds of sarus cranes, migratory birds and other local will be adding more beauty for the park. Lion Safari Etawah also provides the national awareness with the best class beauty. 

You can easily move your vehicle along with closures and view all the lions in the best manner. Lion Safari is one of the dream project for the former Chief Minister Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav and the safari is about to be opened soon. The transportation and public facilities are available more around the park so convenient to get the accommodation. Now there is a pair of Asiatic lions shifted from the Lucknow Zoo to the EtawahWildlife Safari Park